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Welcome to the Web Performance CG

Hello everyone,

Here is an introduction to what we will speak about here:

Yesterday, while I was browsing the W3C website, I saw there previously was a Web Performance Interest Group which eventually closed. Therefore, I requested the creation of a Web Performance Community Group, which will hopefully be approved by tomorrow morning. Here is the description I have written for the group:

A few weeks ago, when I was knee-deep in the redesign of my personal website, I came across the matter of my website’s performances. Thus, I spent days and nights on PageSpeed and YSlow, with the hope to score 100% on both of them (something I have never achieved, for I still have 2% to grab in YSlow). I have eventually learned a lot from this optimization process, and, above all, I saw that many and many (well-known) websites seem to neglect it.

I won’t give examples—it is not my current goal. I want this blog post to be a kind of manifesto, a kind of call to all web designers and web developers. Take care of your websites. Make ’em fast.

The Community Group, will—I hope—publish a report about web performance as soon as possible (before the end of the year). We will describe the current situation (facts, stats, etc.), the current solutions, and if we can do so, find new solutions—but there is already a Working Group who is on the spot.

If you are interested in the matter of performance, feel free to join the CG.

Any thoughts?


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