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The goal of the outreach group is to gain widespread recognition, adoption and support for the Web Standards Curriculum (WSC). This page contains a complete list of all organizations (academic and otherwise) that are showing their support by adopting the WSC in their place of work, be it within a classroom or business environment. If you are utilising the WSC and aren’t listed on the following page, feel free to add yourself, either as an outreach member in contact with a specific organisation, or as a representative of who you’re adding to the list. Please note that adopters must contact an outreach co-ordinator to verify their support in order to avoid misrepresentation. Unconfirmed listings in the current adopters list are subject to deletion. Outreach members in contact with a group interested in adopting the WSC should be listed under the pending list (with the outreach members name enclosed in brackets), until such a time where the group has confirmed its WSC backing and can therefore be promoted to the current adopters list (with a representatives name in place of any outreach members details).

Current WSC adopters

  • None

Pending WSC adopters