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Project details:

  • Editor: Alexander Dawson
  • Status: Announced
  • Updated: 1 March 2012


In order to ensure that the Web Standards Curriculum (WSC) retains the lowest possible barrier to entry for those adapting the material (either in the capacity of teaching or learning), it’s important that we do not rely upon textual content alone to prepare material for an academic environment. As such, the goal of this project is to provide some standardized bonus materials to allow seamless adoption of the WSC into the classroom. Some of the materials relate directly to the learning materials or the curriculum itself (and will require one material per section), others may only exist to help a particular group like outreach (needing a specific resource to be built). All materials should aim to enhance the existing curriculum and content (rather than replace it), but with a focus on how the curriculum could be taught to students in an easy to comprehend and richer, more engaging manner than by reading the basic textual content alone.

Learning Aid Ideas

Below is a list of materials that WEST requires for each section of the WSC:

  • Presentations based on the materials (PowerPoint / Keynote / OpenOffice).
  • Downloadable code demos to help reinforce the concepts for students.
  • Any infographics, cheat sheets, or other documents you feel are useful.

Below are some activities outreach has determined would be useful to assist WSC adoption:

  • Posters or flyers promoting the WSC that could be handed out at events.
  • Email or document templates to help individuals attempting to outreach.
  • Can you think of anything else? Please update the list with your ideas!

Contributor Details

If you would like to contribute to this project, download the base template (if one exists for that activity), pick which section of the WSC you’d like to address and produce the materials, adding a placeholder for the download in the relevant page of the wiki (to avoid conflicts with those who might attempt the same task). If the material is for a group rather than the WSC (such as a flier for outreach), you can just get straight to work – though it would be beneficial if you also alerted the group to your contribution in the WebED Community Group mailing list.