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Web Education Supplementary Toolkit (WEST)

The aim of this project is to build a library of learning aids and materials to supplement and reinforce the work of the Web Education Community Group. Tools produced by this project are not to replace the Web Standards Curriculum (WSC) or the goals of existing projects, but to aid those involved in teaching, training, learning or adopting the curriculum (thereby utilizing the WSC and it's components to their full potential). Deliverables by this project should follow recommended style and licensing guidelines as closely as possible. They should also be based upon existing materials within the WSC's scope, leaving room for adaptation and future development plans (such as certification, community group goals, and emerging W3C Web standards).


One of the central goals of the Web Education Community Group is to make knowledge relating to the fields of Web Design and Development more accessible to the industry and those learning or adopting it in various environments. This toolkit supplements the core curriculum by offering advice, explanation, and direction for those adapting the WSC in academic, self-taught, organizational, or corporate training schemes. While materials in this toolkit aren’t currently part of a certification process, they could also be adapted for this goal in the future.

This project aims to work in co-ordination with existing Web Education Community Group teams, constructing materials that will either help them to achieve their goals with greater ease (like pamphlets to help the outreach team increase awareness), or improve the usefulness and relevancy of their current materials (such as downloadable extras linked to WSC material). The scope of this project is defined purely by its supplementary nature, thereby constructing tools to aid existing groups, in opposition to working as an independent curriculum or representative.

Project Scope

How WEST integrates with WebED-CG groups:

  • Learning Material: Providing resources to supplement course goals and objectives.
  • Curriculum: Building extensive academic guides for teachers, advocates and students.
  • Outreach: Forging materials for distribution, which can actively promote WSC benefits.
  • Training and Certification: Crafting resources for future WSC certification schemes.
  • Membership and Policy: Publication of useful documents relative to group activities.

Current Activities

Below, you'll find details of the various activities being undertaken within the WEST projects scope. To simplify things, you'll find a link to each activity that's categorized based upon its level of maturity. Following general W3C practices, for the purpose of determining if the materials are of sufficient quality to be used in it's current form, activities have been labeled as Announced, Public Draft, or Reviewed. Updates to existing materials should also be listed and mention version numbers and update cycle estimates within the activities dedicated page.

Production Notes

If you would like to propose a specific resource be created, please add it to the talk page. For the purposes of this project, the talk page will primarily be used as a place for ideas to be submitted, vetted for usefulness and discussed before they are approved and added to the above list. If you, however, want to build a material in-scope with existing creations instead of starting an original resource (such as a PowerPoint slide that follows the style guide of previously published materials, and thereby the groundwork has already been laid down), provide detailed records of your contribution on that activities sub-page and keep such records up-to-date to avoid conflicts with others building similar original or updated materials.


Below is a list of contributors to the project:

  • Alexander Dawson