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The overall aim of the Outreach project is to contact educators, companies and trainers and getting them to adopt our learning material and curricula. We also want to focus heavily on community building - getting together communities of educators, students, web professionals, etc. to help us spread the good word!

Current activities

Below are the activities this project is currently undertaking, or has undertaken.

How to Contribute

If you are wondering how to get involved, there are a number of tasks, which can be undertaken by members of the outreach group:

Contact potential adopters of the WSC, and raise awareness of our curriculum. This may include:

  • Schools, colleges, universities, academic groups, businesses, and learning sites.
  • Associations, teachers, administrators, trainers, personal tutors or academics.
  • Students (who can encourage the above to consider adopting our materials).

Organize or join forces with one of the below to raise awareness via speaking or gathering feedback:

  • Conferences and bar-camps relating to Web design, development or education.
  • Casual meet-ups, campus events or group sessions with fellow professionals.
  • Workshops, guest speaking, grassroots teaching or even your popular website!

Create stuff that’ll not only help evolve the curriculum, but encourage adopters too! This may include:

  • Translating any of the existing Web Standards Curriculum learning materials.
  • Pointing out citable references for additional reading. Hint: not W3Schools!
  • The WEST project has further ideas if you want to do something different.

List of WebED Adopters

Whenever someone chooses to adopt the Web Standards Curriculum (WSC), we feel it’s important that they are publicly recognized for their attempts to improve the quality of education for students. As such, the list on the page noted below acts as an index where students can identify organizations that teach the materials we are providing, and make an informed decision as to where and with whom they would prefer to study (or work). If you know of a group who is utilizing the WSC but is not listed on the page, please notify us so they can be listed. However, if you know an academic group or business that would benefit from the WSC to deliver a higher standard and quality of education, contact or join our outreach team to convince them!

Web Education Adopters List

Awareness Programs

A number of individuals have contributed to events which have helped to raise awareness of the existence and importance of the WSC. If you are attending or organizing such an event and are intending to promote the project, feel free to list the event, with relevant details of your session, and any useful feedback that came from it to the following page. The list will remain an index of outreach grassroots projects and attempts so that contributors can identify markets, academic groups, businesses or events which may benefit from outreach attempts in the future.

List of outreach events

Past activities