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Outreach Activity at ACEIT, Jaipur, India

  • Activity Date: 11.11.2011
  • Organised in Association with: LinCom ([1],[2] and [3])
  • Venue: MBA Auditorium, Arya College of Engineering and I.T., Jaipur, Rajasthan India ([4])
  • Audience: 240+ students from the Computer Science and Information Technology background.
  • Theme of Talk: Open The Web - Opera Campus Crew and W3C Initiative.
  • Speaker: Ankit Bahuguna ([5])
  • The session also included the following:
    • Opera and W3C - Background Information + how they have shaped up the modern day Internet.
    • Opera Products and their features (Introduction to Opera Mini and the Mobile Web)
    • Web standards and Opera's Role
    • W3C Standards and Specifications
    • Introduction to Web Development and how the Developers must be aware about the latest web standards
    • Resources for the students to learn more about the web and how to proceed to get a successful career in web development.
  • Following were the Suggestions that were provided, to make the session better:
    • "Where to begin?" - This question is the core for each and every beginner. I think its necessary to make the initial learning experience as smooth as possible. I mean The basic layout should be clear precise and not too complex. If we can give such an interface to our learners they can adapt to it better. Sometimes too much text at the beginning may make the matter worse.
    • Full Preview of the Course Content - Proceeding towards a more specific language for development, the preview must be given as to the scope of how the things will pan out in each subsequent section. This will make the idea clear as to why the current subject mater is important and what will be the practical application for the same.
    • More Examples/Site References - I dont know how much it is feasible, but more example means more code to look at and observe. So the examples should be visual and of high grade so the concept associated with it becomes clear and the grasping too becomes strong.
    • Practice Problems/Exercises - Whenever a concept is taught its necessary to provide with practice problems so that the concepts can be applied there and then. As the nature of programming gives more emphasis on programming, it is necessary to include this in the curriculum.
    • Make Learning Fun - This can be done via games which test the basic knowledge of the learners by use of simple and visually appealing programs.
  • EVENT Photographs:
  • A Personal Note addressed to all W3C WebEd Community Members: It is very important for us to recognize our roles as intellectuals who want to improve upon the standard of education in our respective regions. I personally believe that if we can empower our regions with IT literacy we can spread a lot of prosperity and make many lives better as a whole. Hence, i urge others to follow the same activity model and reach the masses, to help contribute to a greater cause. I am 21 years old and in the final year of my 4 year degree program in Engineering and found that my peers who were from rural background didn't have much exposure to technology, so it became my duty to empower them in the light of I.T education. From the core of my heart i would like to thank Opera and W3C to have give me the opportunity to do so.. Thanks!

Community college outreach program

Individuals (review)

  • The following individuals are willing and available to review existing course materials and confirm they meet established web standards.
    • Mark DuBois


  • The following individuals are available to speak to groups regarding the importance of web standards.
    • Mark DuBois