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The core of this project's curriculum comes from the Web Standards Project (WaSP), as an initiative of their Education Task Force. They began work in early 2008, and released an initial curriculum in 2009, with 11 courses divided into 6 learning tracks; a subsequent release in 2010 expanded that to 17 courses.

The goal was to produce classroom-ready courses for educators to use right away, to improve the state of Web development and design education. These courses include assignments and exam questions, as well as grading criteria and indicators of student progress, to allow educators and trainers to assess each student's abilities around a core set of competencies.

WaSP InterACT was one of the primary efforts that led to the formation of the Open Web Education Alliance (OWEA) in June 2009, with many participants from WaSP, with the aim out outlining requirements and suggestions for a sustaining organization to provide stewardship, outreach and relations, and persistence for a Web education effort; they documented their findings in the OWEA Organizational White Paper . From that group, which defined good next steps, the Web Education Community Group was formed, to pick up again the task of developing the curriculum itself in earnest, as well as foundational articles, documentation, tutorials, and other material for the curriculum to reference; the WaSP Education Task Force generously donated the WaSP InterACT Curriculum to the WebEd CG to serve as a starting point, along with Opera's generous donation of the Opera Web Standards Curriculum.

The current education efforts of the W3C and the Web Education Community Group would not have happened without the hard work and good hearts of these pioneers, and cannot continue without the help of the larger community to follow in their footsteps and blaze new trails.


Course Creators

The primary course creators were Aarron Walter, Carolyn Chandler, Dana Bryant, Dara Solomon, Denise Jacobs, Erin Kissane, Glenda Sims, Holly Marie Koltz, Jason Ulaszek, Jeffrey Brown, Lars Gunther, Leslie Jensen-Inman, Nick Finck, Stephanie Troeth, Terry Morris, Todd Zaki Warfel, and Virginia DeBolt.

Additional help, review, and support were provided by Bob Boiko, Christopher Schmitt, Don Turnbull, Fred Beecher, Jade Anderson, Jinny Potter, John F. Croston III, Jon Gunderson, Louis Rosenfeld, Mark DuBois, Martin Burns, Peter Morville, Russ Unger, and Tony Lan.

WaSP Education Task Force

The WaSP EduTF at the time of the creation of the InterACT curriculum was Rob Dickerson, Holly Marie Koltz, Aarron Walter, Stephanie Troeth, Glenda Sims, Jeff Brown, Virginia DeBolt, Nick Finck, Lars Gunther, Robert Hoekman, Jr, Leslie Jensen-Inman, Chris Mills, Terry Morris, Christopher Schmitt, and Jessica Taylor.

InterACT Website Team

The WaSP InterACT site and branding were handled by Chris Bush, Jessica Taylor, Leslie Jensen-Inman, Aaron Gustafson, Jeff Smith, Chris Casciano, and Kimberly Blessing.