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HTML5 Learning Module

Title HMTL5 in Context
Overview An introduction to HTML5 presented in an hour-long video by Jeremy Keith. The video presentation is titled The Design of HTML5. Included are discussion of the history of the development of HTML5, an explanation of the design principles underlying HTML5, and code examples demonstrating how the design principles of HTML5 are put into practice.
Learner Competencies
  • Student will understand the history of HTML5 including the role of WHATWG and the W3C in the development of the HTML5 specification
  • Student will be able to explain and give examples of the design principles of HTML5
  • Student will demonstrate basic understanding of HTML5 by creating a simple web page formatted in HTML5.
  • Online Delivery:
    • This lesson will take approximately 4 hours to complete.
  • Classroom Delivery:
    • This module will take approximately one 2 hour class session for viewing the video and class discussion.
    • This module will take approximately 2 hours of hands-on lab time for students to create a page in HTML5.
Content Delivery
Assessment Activities
  • Discussion Questions
  • Quiz: Essay question: Pick two of the design principles mentioned in the video. Explain each principle and why it is important to web users and/or web developers.
  • Demonstrate use of the following in the page building assignment:
    • HTML5 meta charset
    • Two levels of headings wrapped in an anchor element
    • Appropriate use of selected semantic elements such header, nav, aside, footer, section, article. Optional elements to include: video, new form input types
Wrap-Up / Feedback
  • Discussion Question Wrap-Up
  • Evaluation and feedback on Web page
  • Feedback on Quiz


Primary course developer: Virginia DeBolt