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Feel free to record ideas here.

"Your first web site" series

The below articles were written from the point of view of a short, low level set of articles for a complete beginner to use to put together their own HTML/CSS site without any previous knowledge whatsoever, and for it to be a quicker operation than reading the whole web standards curriculum and learning to be a professional developer. This series is lower level than the WSC, and doesn't aim to teach you everything you need to know. It aims to give you enough to get a quick solution or to get your hands dirty, to see you through until you get a proper solution or learning experience created.

As it stands, the material needs a good deal of editing and updating, but it could well be useful.

Web standards and accessibility course for marketers

We should also consider creating a course for marketers and other non-technical business people to help them understand what they need to know about web standards, accessibility etc. Misunderstanding of technical properties by non-technical team members is a common cause of problems in the effectiveness of web projects. It's not just developers/designers we need to target.

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