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Hyper Link

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What is Hyper Links

Start of the World Wide Web is the ability to define links from one page to another, and to follow links at the click of a button. This is Hyperlink.

Hyper Links

Hyper Links are specified by <a>.
Linked document is represented by the href attribute.


<a href="URL">Link label</a>

try it

Let's link to Google.

1. Enclose the link text between <a> and </a>.

<a>Go to Google</a>

2. Specifies the href attribute.

<a href="">Go to Google</a>

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See also The a element.

Relative paths or Absolute URL

Relative path


  • Linking to be in a same folder/directory:


 <a href="file.html">Link label</a>

ex) [b.html-c.html]

 <a href="c.html">Link label</a>

  • Linking to be in a parent folder/directory:


 <a href="../file.html">Link label</a>

ex) [b.html-a.html]

 <a href="../a.html">Link label</a>

  • Linking to be in a subdirectory:


 <a href="directory/file.html">Link label</a>

ex) [a.html-b.html]

 <a href="XXX/b.html">Link label</a>

absolute URL

  • Linking to a page on another Web site.
 <a href="URL">Link label</a>


1. Links to other pages in our Web site.


  <li><a href="menu.html">menu</a></li>
  <li><a href="location.html">location</a></li>
  <li><a href="about.html">about us</a></li>
  <li><a href="recruit.html">recruit</a></li>


In the next chapter, introduce some attribute for the a element. "Link options"