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Guidelines for creating and editing BG issues and actions in Tracker

Raising Issues and Actions

  • New issues and actions should originate in discussions by the group carried out in f2f meetings, conference calls, and the mailing list
  • Any BG member can create new issues and actions either on their own or collaboratively, and edit and contribute to existing issues and actions
  • Our default product of choice is "Internal Discussion", so please make sure you select "Internal Discussion" for the "product" field when you create a new issue

Assigning an Action to a Person

  • The chair assigns actions to BG members

Changing Status of Issues

  • The chair can change the status of any issue. An issue owner can change the status of his or her issue only. Tracker has five status modes: Raised, Open, Pending Review, Closed, and Postponed

Creating and Editing Products

  • The chair creates and edits products