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WAI-Engage is an open forum for responsive development of material supporting web accessibility, including support for Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) resources.

Developers, designers, project leaders, administrators, scholars, producers and consumers with disabilities, and anyone interested in accessibility -- please join us and share your perspectives to help build resources that will be useful to the broader community.

WAI-Engage is a new type of W3C group; there is no time commitment or experience expected. This is a place to suggest, share, and develop ideas. We welcome everyone to this Community.

Join WAI-Engage

Membership in WAI-Engage is free and open to everyone. Read | About Community Groups to learn more. Members will be asked to complete a membership agreement. The process varies depending on your existing relationship with W3C Working Groups. For details about what to expect as you complete the sign-up process, please see the | How Do I Join a Group information page.


We are starting with just a few small, discrete projects (that are listed in the wiki Main_Page) to get the community going, refine how we will work together, gauge commitment, etc. Depending on how things go, the community might take on larger projects in support of WAI work.

WAI-Engage projects may develop into suggestions for work to be refined through the W3C Process to become W3C WAI publications. That will be left to the community to decide.


NOTE: The WAI-Engage community does not replace existing communication channels, such as public comment lists and WCAG techniques submission forums. This community is also not a place for those working in accessibility to ask questions about and discuss how to implement accessibility techniques and guidelines. There are other mailing lists and forums to discuss these topics. For example:

Wiki Tips

Wiki CheatSheet (EOWG Work in progress)

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    select the "watch" tab/link" on that page. Also, in "my preferences",
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More info

  • Who we are has short intros of individuals who are in the WAI-Engage Community Group.
  • To join the WAI-Engage Community Group, select "Join this Group" from the Community Group home page