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This tables measures the progress of Editor's Draft that meets our Technical Requirement.

Technical Requirement Editor's Draft of TV Control API
General Tuner Requirements
tuner (summary) supported
tuner.available supported. getTuners function
tuner.type supported. TVSource type attribute
tuner.protocol supported. TVSourceType enum supports protocols
tuner.signal-strength supported. TVTuner signalStrength attribute
tuner.notifications (summary) supported
tuner.notifications.change supported. TVTunerChangedEvent
General Channel Requirements
channel (summary) supported
channel.available supported. getChannels function
channel.type supported. TVChannel type attribute
channel.lcn supported. TVChannel number attribute supported. TVChannel name attribute supported. TVChannel networkId attribute
channel.accessibility supported. TVChannel isFree attribute supported. getChannels function returns an array and can be queried with suitable iterators.
channel.filter supported. getChannels function
channel.sort supported. getChannels function returns an array and can be queried with suitable iterators.
channel.sequential supported. getChannels function returns an array. supported. setCurrentChannel function
channel.tracks supported. HTMLMediaElement interface
channel.notifications (summary) supported
channel.notifications.change supported. TVCurrentChannelChangedEvent
Tuner Channel Scan Requirements
scan supported. startScanning function
scan.notifications.found supported. TVScanningStateChangedEvent
scan.signal-strength supported. TVTuner signalStrength attribute
scan.progress supported. TVScanningStateChangedEvent
scan.stop supported. stopScanning function
scan.notifications (summary) supported
scan.notifications.complete supported. TVScanningStateChangedEvent
General Program Requirements
program supported. getPrograms function
program.current supported. TVChannel currentProgram attribute supported. TVProgram interface supported, getAudioLanguages function supported. HTMLVideoElement interface supported. getSubtitleLanguages function
Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Requirements
epg supported. TVProgram interface
epg.notifications (summary) supported
epg.notifications.change supported. TVEITBroadcastedEvent
Program Recording Requirements
recording (summary) supported
recording.timed supported. TVRecording interface
recording.identifier supported. TVRecording program attribute
recording.multiple supported. TVManager addRecording function and TVRecording interface
recording.series supported. TVProgram seriesId attribute. supported. TVRecording program attribute
recording.playback supported. TVRecording getStream function, TVMediaStream interface, and HTML video element
recording.delete supported. TVManager removeRecording function
recording.parental supported. TVRecording getStream function restricted by parental control.
Time Shifting Requirements
timeshift (summary) supported
timeshift.pause supported. TVMediaStream timeshift section
timeshift.resume supported. TVMediaStream timeshift section
timeshift.stop supported. TVMediaStream timeshift section
Emergency Alert Requirements
emergency.notifications (summary) supported
emergency.notifications.alert supported. TVEmergencyAlertedEvent
Parental Control Requirements
parental supported. TVManager setParentalControl function supported. TVChannel setParentalLock function
Conditional Access System (CAS) Requirements
cas supported. TVManager getCICards function and TVChannel casSystemId, casCardInUse attributes
cas.notifications (summary) supported.
cas.notifications.change supported. TVCICardChangedEvent
Triggered Interactive Overlay Requirements
trigger (summary) supported supported. TVTriggerCue interface
trigger.out-of-band supported. TVTriggerCue interface (summary) supported supported. TextTrack cuechange event supported. TextTrack cuechange event
trigger.types (summary) supported supported. TVTriggerType enum
trigger.types.time supported. TVTriggerType enum
trigger.types.content-boundary supported. TVTriggerType enum
trigger.types.fingerprint supported. TVTriggerType enum
trigger.types.watermark supported. TVTriggerType enum
trigger.types.context supported. TVTriggerType enum
trigger.types.segment supported. TVTriggerType enum
trigger.types.caption supported. TVTriggerType enum supported. the attributes of TVTriggerType interface
trigger.validity supported. TVTriggerType startTime and endTime attributes (inherited from TextTrackCue interface) supported. the attributes of TVTriggerType interface
trigger.sources supported. the attributes of TVTriggerType interface and HTML video element
Integration with HTML <video> and <audio> Elements
media-element supported. TVTuner stream attribute