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Contributions to Phase 2 of TV Control API

Note that the following are intended for discussion, before being considered as requirements for phase 2 of the API.

Handling of non-TV "channels"

Contributor: Sangwhan Moon (Opera Software)


"Looking at the draft, one of the potential use cases for this spec seems to be headed in the direction of allowing TV OSDs and controlling (e.g. the entire TV UI) with web technology.

It seems like the spec allows the users to implement most of that, but is missing handling of non-tuning source, such as external input "channels". (e.g. HDMI1/2/3).

Not sure what would be the best way to retrofit that into the draft design as it stands (adding known external source types in TVSourceType for known available input formats could in theory work, although not extremely clean), but wanted to raise the issue for discussion first.

Security, and privacy requirements

Contributors: Chris Needham (BBC) and Sangwhan Moon (Opera Software)


"One concern I have is that an API that allows any web page to discover the list of TV channels available, and the list of scheduled recordings, can be used for fingerprinting, so impacts end-user privacy. Malicious web content could also manipulate the scheduled recordings."

And, from

"In a local OSD implementation context, permissions shouldn't be a significant issue - but if the APIs are opened up to open web or third party applications which can run at the same time with other users of the TV API, there is the inherent risk of abuse (two users of the API racing tuner access) and user fingerprinting (privacy issues, related to permissions and not racing).

I believe it would make sense to integrate [1] a permission model for the elements that are either sensitive and describe how to deal with multiple applications fighting for access. (e.g. a buggy background application switching the channel while the user is watching another channel)"


Broadcast radio

Contributor: Chris Needham (BBC)

Extend the specification to allow sourcing of radio services over FM, DAB, etc. May be useful for mobile devices with built-in radio tuners. See, for example, the Mozilla FMRadio API.

Interactive application signalling

Contributor: Chris Needham (BBC)

In HbbTV / DVB, TV services can signal availability of associated "broadcast-related" interactive Web applications (via Application Information Table, AIT, in DVB). The TV Control API should provide support for such applications.

Refer to the HbbTV 2.0 Specification, section 7.2.3.