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Root Tuner Channel Program Media Source Other
Mozilla TVManager TVTuner TVChannel TVProgram MediaStream
Webinos TVManager TVDisplayManager


TVChannel MediaStream
TTA ChannelManager Channel Program
OIPF DAE (v2.3)

oipfObjectFactory oipfConfiguration oipfRecordingScheduler - for PVR

Tuner and TunerCollection in oipfConfiguration


oipfParentalControlManager oipfSearchManager - EPG metadata from broadcast stream or network server


oipfApplicationManager - application lifecycle management oipfDownloadTrigger, oipfDownloadManager - managed content download over IP oipfCodManager - search of COD/VOD catalogs oipfDrmAgent - content protection/rights management oipfGatewayInfo - service functions outside the TV/STB oipfRemoteManagement - device management

ITU-T J.296
LG Connect SDK tvControl
Samsung Web API WebAPIsTVObject TVChannelManager

WebAPIsTVInfoManager WebAPIsTVWindowManager