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1. Welcome (Chris)

  • Practicalities, agenda review, scribe selection

2. Introductions (All)

  • Who you are, your interests in the group

3. W3C Process (Francois)

  • Working Groups and Community Groups
  • The recommendation track
  • Roles and responsibilities

4. Charter and scope of work (Chris)

  • Goals for the group
  • Milestones and timescale

5. Group process and tools (Chris)

  • Mailing lists, wiki, issue tracking, conference calls

6. Upcoming meetings (Francois)

  • TPAC 2016

7. Spec status (Chris)

  • Current spec status
  • Plan for first public Working Draft
  • Call for editor

8. Current discussion topics (Chris)

  • Summary of TAG discussion on the WG charter
  • Security and privacy review
  • Commonalities with the Automotive Working Group

9. AOB