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1. Roll Call, Introduction and Call for Scribe

2. Review and Consensus Draft WG Charter

3. Transition Plan from CG to WG

 * Once WG is started, all CG participants are encouraged to join WG
 * All current CG work will be continued in WG
 * All current logistics (wiki, meetings etc.) will be continued in WG
 * Start the first CG+WG joint meeting call
   * We will discuss the structure of work in WG, e.g. we may need Task Forces for Rec track and phase 2 track
 * Joint CG+WG calls until June 28, 2016
 * Close CG on June 30, 2016

4. Poll for Potential Implementations

5. Poll for Potential Test Contributions

6. Kick off Phase 2 Work

7. AOB