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TNS Data Silo

TNS Data Silo is the first ever long-term storage for your NFT data such as images and other metadata. Our NFT Silo is on our own private decentralized network. The decentralized architecture of the storage completes the full circle of blockchain principles without any interventions. NFTs off-chain which decrease the likelihood of being hacked. Also, the NFT Silo is safer thanks to its content identifiers (CIDs)—which are hashes of data connected directly to your NFT’s content, opposed to an http link which has the vulnerability of being modified and hacked.

This takes care of the lag that people have from a centralized network. It takes care of the burden of slow network.

Our off blockchain network is fast and reliable. By storing your NFT’s on our silo platform, it generates a unique id which is protected by being on our private network. We ensure long-term storage validity of content.

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