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TNS Blockchain Alpha Stage

We are proud to have started the TNS Blockchain Alpha Stage development and testing.

The new TNS Blockchain dashboard.

Alpha Stage is our new drag and drop method for deploying blockchain server nodes and connecting servers using our dedicated private network, will eliminate many common configuration issues with our automated provisioning technology. Connectivity and server configurations are seamless and intelligent, with self generating server configuration.

Solutions to relieve the congested public internet.

Moving the blockchain data traffic off the public internet onto a private high speed global network, will increase the speed and dramatically lower the gas costs related to blockchain transactions.

Utilizing the tns data port and data channels, to make that connection from the public internet to the tns private data network easy and seamless. Data channels can be used between data ports, to move the data from one node location to another without using the public internet, making the security and speed at its most desirable level.

Building a new blockchain network has never been so easy and efficient.

Project Manager Contact: Rachel

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