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Membership Options- TNS Blockchain

Newest Features Community Group Report 06 April 2021

Editor: Dvorak, Rachel

Authors: Smith, Sheri CTO Total Network Service, Inc.

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Introduction of Added Features to the TNS Blockchain

SCOPE: The TNS Block Chain Initiative has striven to develop technologies focused on Block chain accessibility. In this initiative we have introduced the technology to convert complex wallet addresses into an easy to remember human readable phonetic identifier.

Utilizing a similar structure as the domain distribution industry we have created an ecosystem of unique identifiers created specifically with the reseller category of the e-commerce space in mind. In consideration of this strategy we have created partner programs specifically directed towards Developers and Speculative investors.


  1. Speculators
  2. Developers


The Speculator Membership strategy of our business is designed to speak directly to Domain Speculators and free market investors who have historically driven their e-commerce business models around the bulk purchase and resale of domain names.

Through our Speculator Membership we have made our portable API available to these parties. This allows them to reference available names and write new ones into our system, and most importantly sell phonetic identifiers through their front end, providing an easily integrated revenue stream that has synergies with their current model.

This Membership includes Bulk pricing options utilizing a flexible credit system that maintains integrity between us as the provider of the service and the downstream resellers as our distribution channel.


Our system has from the ground up been designed with the Developer class in mind. In the avenue of the speculator, markets and retail are the primary focus of the system, the Developer membership includes full access to not only our portable read/write API, but also direct support and access to some of the inner working of our system.

Our goal with this membership is to increase overall technical interaction with the system, and uncover even more use cases that can add to the depth of our already robust system. This avenue also will assist along with the plan of expanding our ecosystem. Developers are afforded with more privileges and therefore, have even greater opportunities to make a profitable business utilizing Our unique Block Chain assistive technology.

We are continuing moving forward in the ever-changing world of technology

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