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This page is to document what ontologies have been developed and used with the SSN ontology, so that we can begin to collate them and develop libraries of usage.

There are already some examples in the SSN-XG report.

Reviews and Uses

Ontology Name

Projects, contacts and links:

Status: Is this an actively maintained ontology, or not? Would you consider it 'complete', or not? >

Concept Documentation: Do the concepts have textual descriptions (always, often, sometimes, rarely, never)? >

Reference Documentation: Does the ontology contain references to relevant publications or specification documents? >

Key framework concept(s): What are the key concepts around which the ontology is organized? Provide a phrase describing each (up to 3). >

Range of subject matter: is this ontology narrowly focused, moderately broad, or comprehensive? >

Level of sophistication: Is this ontology more like a basic hierarchy of concepts, or is it really semantically sophisticated? >

Adoption: Is anyone other than the creator using this ontology? Are there many examples?>

Comments: Best/Worst features, interaction with SSN ontology >