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Initial Conference Call Invitation


I would like to invite you to join a [hopefully] short-lived group of interested individuals, to help scope out a shared proposal to extend the vocabulary for the benefit of bibliographic information sharing.

The initiative, backed by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Yandex, and others, launched just over a year ago has been very successful in encouraging the sharing of structured data on the web. Within a year, search engines are already seeing more than 7% of pages crawled containing mark-up.

As a high-level generic way of publishing structured data, recognised by major search engines, it is an ideal way to identify resources to the wider web. Inspection of the vocabulary[1] reveals its breath, including concepts such as people, organisations, events, ecommerce offerings, news, creative works, books etc.

When experimentally applying this vocabulary to the 270+ million resources in, which OCLC recently released[2] it became clear that to adequately represent the type of creative work that libraries and associated organisations are concerned about, the vocabulary could benefit from some simple extensions. To that end we published a first cut potential set of extensions, provisionally named the Library ontology[3], to supplement the data we published.

Improving’s capability for describing bibliographic and other creative work resources would obviously benefit library resource discovery potential. However to be effective, any proposed extensions would need to take in to account a broad spectrum of views.

It is for this reason I am facilitating a group of individuals from across many organisations to come together and discuss this. I intend to use the Library ontology as a starting point but I am not precious about either its contents, structure or name. There are already some issues with it that we want to address.

I will be hosting an initial conference call on Tuesday September 25th at 11:00am EDT (16:00 UK). It would be great if you could join to discuss how we progress this. I am also inviting others from several national and university libraries, Library of Congress, Europeana, library metadata and semantic web focussed organisations and individuals.

As I said, I hope this will be a short-lived initiative with few onerous tasks. A ‘standards committee’ that lasts for many months would not be appropriate to interact with the agile fast moving approach of

I will follow up with logistical details nearer the time.

If you have any questions please ask.



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