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WebID Based

  • email spam reduction (possibly total elimination) -- signed emails using x.509 certs. with WebID watermarks and S/MIME (we've already implemented this successfully)
  • Web Access Control -- scoped to a person, group, or complex rules (only limited by imagination due to power of SPARQL ASK e.g., my recent posts showcasing SPARQL service control via social relationships)
  • authorization delegation -- showcasing how a single rdf relation covers similar ground as OAuth, but with better AWWW DNA


  • email - encourage everyone to send signed emails also aids WebID discovery e.g., if I want to add you to an ACL I can just look at the last signed email you sent me (or a mailing list
  • notification services e.g., semantic pingbacks -- every time you add someone to an ACL or make a social claim about them a ping out should occur (in some cases this should trigger a signed email as a compliment) .

Other Work

OASIS (Identity) in the Cloud Use Cases