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RWW-Interop-0 is a basic interoperability test of client- and server-side solutions that support the use of WebID, the WebID Authentication Protocol, and RDF (Also known in the DB world as Entity Relationship Semantics) to deliver privileged access to Web resources.

This test is comprised of three stages:

  1. Share a resource, and constrain access to identities associated with a list of WebIDs or a Group e.g., a foaf:Group.
  2. Share a URL into which privileged identities (associated with a list of WebIDs or a Group e.g., a foaf:Group) can write data.
  3. Start with either of the above, but constrain permissions based on social relationship semantics (e.g. using a foaf:knows relationship rather than a simple lists of WebIDs or foaf:Group membership) .

Note: it might be that each of the steps above is an RWW-Interop stage in its own right.