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App Market

Web App Market


  • To make apps first class citizens of The Web
  • To provide a resource where apps can be viewed searched and downloaded
  • Do not reinvent, become the intersection of app eco systems
  • Add a basic payment system to encourage developers
  • Free apps should be available in a gallery


  • Aim is to create a working proof of concept for feedback by TPAC (Nov 2012)
  • Flesh out full requirements

Next Steps

  • Investigate possible code reuse, in particular, the payswarm wordpress plugin
  • Brainstorm minimal viable product

What is an App

  • An app is a product of service that can be utilized in a browser, client, of operating system


  • See following thread
  • Requirements will go here as we brainstorm a Minimal Viable Product

Outstanding Issues

  • Licensing and Copying
  • In app payments vs one time fee

Existing App Stores and Products

  • Ubuntu app market
  • IOS App market
  • Android app market
  • Microsoft app merkt
  • Facebook app center
  • OpenSocial
  • Twitter apps
  • Chrome app store
  • Mozilla app store
  • 5apps
  • Please add more ...

Future work

  • Apps as agents
  • Possibly a Market for trading apps

Inerested in Helping

  • Melvin Carvalho
  • Manu Sporny / W3C Web Payments Group
  • Angely Alvarez