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Build FOP1.1 DotNet Library

1. Get and install IKVM from

2. Get and install Apache FOP from

3. Create a build-directory on your system (i.e. c:\temp\fopbuild)

4. Copy fop.jar to this build directory

5. Copy all jar files in fop/lib to this build directory

6. Run buildDotNetDLLs.bat (located in src\org\w3c\ppl\xslt\ext\fop\dotnet\pi.ep.ppl.xslt.ext.fop.dotnet\import)

  Param 1: IKVM installation directory
  Param 2: FOP jar directory (created in Step 3)
  Param 3: Name of output file (i.e. c:\temp\fopbuild\fop11.dll)
  buildDotNetDLLs.bat "C:\Program Files (x86)\IVKM\" "c:\temp\fopbuild" "c:\temp\fopbuild\fop11.dll)

Note: There are a lot of warnings in this process. AFAIK these warnings can be ignored