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Model Feature Example: Style

Example of using a Style to record information about how a resource should be rendered to the user, following the SOPA example.


The Body, in this case, should be rendered (for some reason) with a green border for the purposes of this annotation. To record this information we use a Style (oax:CssValueStyle) on a Specific Resource. The Specific Resource identifies the styled video, and the Style describes how it should be rendered.


Sopa style.png


  <x:MyAnno> a oa:Annotation ;
    oa:hasBody <urn:uuid:6C97B503-25EE-4E37-875C-B7C850E13194> ;
    oa:hasTarget <> .

  <urn:uuid:6C97B503-25EE-4E37-875C-B7C850E13194> a oa:SpecificResource ;
    oa:hasSource <> ;
    oa:hasStyle <urn:uuid:40F2B17E-7CA2-42C2-B5AF-5F35E5992B8B> .

  <urn:uuid:40F2B17E-7CA2-42C2-B5AF-5F35E5992B8B> a oax:CssValueStyle ;
    cnt:chars "{border: 3px solid green}" .