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Model Feature Example: State Example of using State about a specific resource to describe how to retrieve the most appropriate representation for the annotation, following the SOPA example.


The Target is actually the Wikipedia home page at a particular time (January 18, 2012), rather than the Wikipedia home page at the current time. To include this information we need to have a Specific Resource as the target, which identifies the Wikipedia home page as it was on January 18th. We then use a State to record the time.


Sopa state.png


  <x:MyAnno> a oa:Annotation ;
    oa:hasBody <> ;
    oa:hasTarget <urn:uuid:5D9AD68D-2043-4C77-A40C-ECB00F6248F9> .

  <urn:uuid:5D9AD68D-2043-4C77-A40C-ECB00F6248F9> a oa:SpecificResource ;
    oa:hasSource <> ;
    oa:hasState <urn:uuid:681821DE-E7C3-4486-9E30-F8B9A75AD16B> .

  <urn:uuid:681821DE-E7C3-4486-9E30-F8B9A75AD16B> a oa:State ;
    oa:when "2012-01-18 12:00:00Z" .