Sopa Serialization

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Model Feature Example: Serialization

Example of associating a web accessible Annotation (x:Anno) with its initial version (urn:uuid:...) as uploaded by a client application to a server, following the SOPA example.


The original Annotation has a oa:equivalent relationship with the Annotation created by the server (x:Anno). The oa:generated property of this annotation is different that of the original.


Sopa serialization.png


  <urn:uuid:2cefd097-e399-4808-aa90-a64d3151a150> a oa:Annotation ;
    oa:hasBody <> ;
    oa:hasTarget <> ;
    oa:equivalent <x:Anno> ;
    oa:serializedAt "2012-03-21 16:30:00Z" .

  <x:Anno> oa:serializedAt "2012-04-07 12:00:00Z" .