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Model Feature Example: Provenance

Example of the most basic model of Annotation with provenance, following the SOPA example.


The basic Annotation, with all of the core provenance features associated with it. The yt prefix is a hypothetical YouTube ontology of users, ex is again an example prefix for some software called PyAnno used to generate the Annotation. In this case the annotator is also the creator of the video, but this is not always the case.


Sopa provenance.png


  <x:MyAnno> a oa:Annotation ;
    oa:hasBody <> ;
    oa:hasTarget <> ;
    oa:annotatedBy yt:CheeseKeg ;
    oa:annotatedAt "2012-01-18 12:00:00Z" ;
    oa:serializedBy ex:PyAnno ;
    oa:serializedAt "2012-05-10 14:24:30Z" .