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Model Feature Example: Alternative Specifiers

Example of using multiple specifiers, in this case Selectors, to describe the same segment of interest, following the SOPA example.


It is very likely that there will be multiple ways to describe the same aspect of a resource, such as the segment of interest via a Selector. In this example, there is both an SvgSelector and a FragmentSelector that describe the same rectangular area within the video. The values are not shown in the diagram for reasons of space, but are present in the RDF transcription below.


Sopa alternatives.png


  <x:MyAnno> a oa:Annotation ;
    oa:hasBody <urn:uuid:6C97B503-25EE-4E37-875C-B7C850E13194> ;
    oa:hasTarget <> .

  <urn:uuid:6C97B503-25EE-4E37-875C-B7C850E13194> a oa:SpecificResource ;
    oa:hasSource <> ;
    oa:hasSelector <urn:uuid:40F2B17E-7CA2-42C2-B5AF-5F35E5992B8B> ;
    oa:hasSelector <urn:uuid:0B9779D6-29DF-44BC-B854-E5EA2EB19661> .

  <urn:uuid:40F2B17E-7CA2-42C2-B5AF-5F35E5992B8B> a oa:FragmentSelector ;
    rdf:value "xywh=50,20,200,200" .

  <urn:uuid:0B9779D6-29DF-44BC-B854-E5EA2EB19661> a oax:SvgSelector ;
    cnt:chars "<svg:rect x='50' y='20' width='200' height='200'/>" .