Inline Comment on an Image

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Inline Comment on an Image

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Example of Inline Comment on an Image

We here represent a comment on an image of a protein structure.

Open Annotation Inline Comment on Image Intro.png

Open Annotation Representation

The Target of the annotation is a Wikipedia image. The Body of the annotation is the text of the comment expressed as inline content. The annotation type (or class) qualifying the intended meaning of the body is oax:Comment.

The Annotation instance exhibits an oa:annotator - the agent responsible for entering the information that is used to generate the Annotation - and a oa:generator - the agent, likely software, generating the serialization of the Annotation's graph. Annotation and generation dates are also associated.

Open Annotation - Inline Comment on Image - In OA format.png

In RDF format (n3 syntax):

ex:Anno a oax:Comment ;
   oa:hasTarget <> ;
   oa:hasBody <urn:uuid:6C97B503-25EE-4E37-875C-B7C850E13191> ;
   oa:annotatedBy ex:Person1 ;
   oa:annotatedAt "2012-02-12T15:02:14Z" ;
   oa:serializedBy ex:Software1 ;
   oa:serializedAt "2012-02-12T15:02:14Z"  .
<urn:uuid:6C97B503-25EE-4E37-875C-B7C850E13191> a cnt:ContentAsText ;
   cnt:chars "You could better appreciate the protein structure from another angle" ;
   cnt:characterEncoding "utf-8" .
<> a dt:Image ;
   dc:format "image/jpeg" .
ex:Person1 a foaf:Person ;
   foaf:mbox "" ;
   foaf:name "John Doe" .
   foaf:name "ExAnnotator" .

CREATOR: Paolo Ciccarese
LAST UPDATED: March 05, 2013

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