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Open Annotation Community Group Incubator

The incubator collects Classes and Properties that are not in the Open Annotation Model but currently used by annotation software systems.

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pundit:hasPageContext (description TBD)
  • exif:height and exif:width on SvgSelector to record annotated view's height and width, eg for video being played at different resolutions.

(Perhaps should use full SVG document, to allow viewport and canvas size? --rsanders)

Source: Domeo Annotation Toolkit [1] and Provenance Authoring Versioning (PAV) Ontology [2]'
The following properties/relationships are currently used to manage annotation versioning in Domeo.

pav:previousVersion (description TBD)
pav:versionNumber (description TBD)
pav:lastUpdatedOn (description TBD)
pav:lastUpdatedBy (description TBD)
pav:createdBy (description TBD)
pav:createdOn (description TBD)

Annotation Types

Source: MapHub [3] an online application for exploring and annotating digitized, high-resolution historic maps

maphub:GeoReference (description TBD)

Source: Emblematica Online [4]

emblem:Antecedent [Further description needed]
emblem:Comparison (may map to oax:Link [5])
emblem:SeeAlso (Related) (may map to oax:Link [6])
emblem:SeeAlso (Citation) (may map to oax:Reference [7])
emblem:Explanation (Multimodal Analysis) (may map to oax:Comment [8])
emblem:Explanation (General) (may map to oax:Description [9])

Source: Hypothes.is [10]

  • Joke (= Humorous Comment?)
  • Answer (= Reply to Question?)
  • Request for further annotation (review, moderation, comment etc)
  • Favorite (= Positive Bookmark?)
  • Flag (troll, spam, broken link) (= Tag?)

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Extensions for Data Annotation

Source: FilteredPush extensions to OA for data annotation

  • Evidence (objects that support the assertions of the oa:Body)
  • Expectation (objects that convey annotator's broad expectation of changes to be made to the oa:Target ).
  • QuerySelector (superclass of selectors at the record and sub-record level below that for which an identified dataset has a URI)

These and associated predicates are presently described in documents here. At this writing they may be in transition.