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TD:Many thanks for this excellent document. Adding some comments that could be relevant (at least for me :-) )


TD: is formVariant not better than lexixcalVariant above?


TD: interesting example. Going further in details: "Eco" is the abbreviation/variant of "Ecological". So if one decomposes both entries, this case could be "reduced" to an abbreviation variant just for the non head noun


TD: Here just seeing that till this point, you do not explicitely mention the "prefLabel" or "altLabel" type of variants. And how does one relate "P2P" to "p2p" (typographical variant)


Is MDRA above correct? The ID for the term Phthisis is "10034980" on the webapge


gasoline_sense lemon:reference ;
     lemon:isSenseOf :gasoline .
petrol_sense lemon:reference ;
     lemon:isSenseOf :gasoline .

TD: Is the second "isSenseOf" correct. Should not be "isSenseOf : patrol ."