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The MULTI-POS CG will provide use cases, requirements, and other information, to ensure that the state of the art research is recognized in the development of global standards. The MULTI-POS CG bridges the W3C community and the MULTI-POS Marie Curie Initial Training Network.

The MULTI-POS CG has the following goals: 1) Identify business and technology application scenarios based on the new positioning methods; 2) Specify the key technological, scientific, and industrial elements and their relationships in the new positioning ecosystem; and 3) Identify standardization opportunities.

The first concrete work item is a review of the current state of the art, providing a common framework of reference for future work.

What is the benefit (for you): Meet the professionals, get the big picture, have influence on use cases and requirements, get cited.


Here all participants can share their publications and add related courses.