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1. The main aim of Community Group is to define standards with respect to the Mobile web Content, its access across devices & platform and its implementation in Indian Languages

2. To implement seamless access cross devices and networks, the challenges of mobile devices related issues and service layer issues would be co-ordinated by TEC, Govt. of India.

3. To begin with following areas may be undertaken on priority, specially their implementations w.r.t India languages :

• W3C Mobile Web Best Practices

• Default Delivery Context(DDC)

• Content and browser related issues

• Implementation of MobileOK Validator for Indian languages

4. To develop a gap analysis document W3C Mobile Standards for Indian scenario. The Gap analysis contains following elements :

a) GAP1: Gaps related to differences of standards between prevailing Indian Standard and W3C Standard w.r.t mobile domain

5. To identify and Analyze the Indian language requirements in the following technologies for web applications on mobile :

1. Graphics

• SVG Tiny 1.2

• HTML Canvas 2D Context

• CSS Mobile

• WOFF File Format 1.0

• The Screen Orientation API

2. Device Adaptation

• Device Description Repository Simple API

• CSS Device Adaptation

3. Forms

• HTML5 Date and Time state of input element

• HTML5 pattern attribute

• HTML5 placeholder attribute

• HTML5 datalist element

4. User Interactions

• Relationship between Mobile Web Best Practices (MWBP) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

• Touch Events Specification

5. Data Storage

• Web Storage

• File API

6. Personal Information Management

• Contacts API

• Calendar API

6. To evolve inputs consolidated for current W3C Mobile standards with respect to Indian languages

7. To facilitate mobile content developers for creating Applications

8. To develop and enhance excellence through new education training program and technology dissemination among professional, academia and students.