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MicroXML Charter

Current Draft.

Mailing list where MicroXML is discussed.

A proposed initial status consists of a grammar, which only includes features that nobody on the CG questions, a data model, and a list of features to consider adding.

There are some Implementations (see also: notes on implementation).


MicroXML was first proposed in a blog by James Clark.

Uche Ogbuji wrote a two part series for IBM developerWorks.

Use Cases, Goals & Issues

Some use cases envisioned for MicroXML.

Here is a list of possible design goals.

A list of Issues which should be addressed


John Cowan's Balisage 2012 presentation.

John Cowan's Architectural Forms for MicroXML, a proposal for providing simple transformations on MicroXML documents that serve some of the same functions as namespaces, but in a different way.

John Cowan's MicroExamplotron, a reduced form of Eric van der Vlist's Examplotron, a simple schema language which might work well with MicroXML.

Dot-Dot Convention, a simple convention for mapping XML documents with namespaces into MicroXML.

Automatic XML Namespaces, a proposal for using an external description document to add namespace information to a namespace-free XML or MicroXML document, either for internal consumption or to turn it into an XML document with namespaces.