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Resolved issues

These issues are resolved as of 2012-09-25 by consensus of the Community Group:

1. What character repertoire is allowed in names? XML 1.0 Fifth Edition
1a. Are names beginning with xml allowed (interacts with namespaces)? Yes
1a1. If yes, is the attribute name xmlns allowed (interacts with namespaces)? No
2. Should MicroXML support the authoring of PHP? No
3. Are empty tags allowed? Yes
4. Are PI's allowed? No
4a. If yes, are they allowed only in the prolog? N/A
4a1. If yes to that, does the data model make them children of the root element? N/A
5. Are comments allowed? Yes
6. Are bare DOCTYPE declarations like <!DOCTYPE foo> allowed? No
7. Are CDATA sections allowed? No
8. Are prefixes allowed? No
8a. On attributes, on elements, both, neither? N/A
8b. If not, is the xml: prefix allowed? N/A
9. Are > characters allowed in attribute values (for Canonical XML compatibility)? No
10. Are decimal character references allowed? No
11a. Is -- allowed in comments? No
11b. Is % allowed in comments? Yes
11c. Is > allowed in PIs? N/A
12. Are C1 controls and Unicode non-characters excluded? Yes
13. What to do about newlines in attribute values, accept (non-XML), reject, or transform? Accept
14. Discourage the use of some or all name characters from XML 5e, Appendix J? Say nothing

Open issues

None at this time.