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MicroXML implementations:

  • [John Cowan's MicroLark], a MicroXML parser in Java which implements a push, pull and tree API; Originally developed for a previous version of MicroXML and in process of update to the current draft
  • [James Clark's MicroXML parser], a little MicroXML parser, with versions in JavaScript and Java, and also an error-recovery experiment.
    • "To play with this, download microxml.js and test.html, and then open test.html in a modern browser. It will give you a text box in which you can type MicroXML. There's a button to parse it, which will show you the data model in JSON syntax. or an error."
  • [James Fuller's microxml-parsers project], a MicroXML parser back end in REx, with generated parsers in a number of languages: microxml.hpp (C++), microxml.xquery (XQuery), microxml.js (Javascript), (Java)
  • [Uche Ogbuji's Amara 3], a MicroXML parser project for Python 3.3+. At present there is a lexer for MicroXML built on the PLY parser generator

See also: notes on implementation