Business reasons for a new HTML concept

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This page schould given a basis for argumentation for start a new email HTML concept:

Argumentation Discription ISP ESP Customer
optimize creation Email Service Provider need a lot of Time to opitimize all mails for different clients and work with different CSS standards. To optimize the greation time it will be usful to define a new CSS and HTML Standard based of HTML 5 X
cut traffic costs World wide more and more mails will be send, most of the HTML source in emails are superfluous. With a new HTML standard it could be possible to cut data source round about 40 percent X
cut memory capacity requirements Organize the source has a dircet impact of the file size and memory capacity X
ultra devices requirements In the next years we will experience a change of digital divices. Customers are interest to read their mails on all terminals X
machine readability & freedom from barriers Organzine information will be the next big thing. Information had to be link with the real world and internet of things. X X X
Multimedia Organzine multimedia content e.g. videos and music X X X
Opt-In Management Organzine a global standard to handel the opt-in management for newsletter / email-marketing X X X
Security Management Find a way to optimize security aspects of the email. E.g.: Display Images, Link Checks, ... X X X