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To create a language or syntax to describe customizations to the data layer.


  • Justin Cutroni (jcutroni@google.com, Google) - Lead
  • Jared Vestal (jvestal@brighttag.com, BrightTag), Member
  • Hutch White (hutchwh@us.ibm.com, IBM), Member
  • Emilie Lafray (elaffray@marinsoftware.com, Marin), Member
  • Stephen Elliot (stephen.elliott@qubitdigital.com, QuBit), Member
  • Reza Jalili (jalili@adobe.com, Adobe), Member
  • Ty Gavin (ty@tealium.com, Tealium), Member
  • Lee Isensee (lee@localytics.com, Localytics), Member
  • Brian Kuhn (bkuhn@google.com, Google), Member
  • William Hartley-Booth (whartley-booth@marinsoftware.com, Marin Software), Member

Working Document

Our current meeting notes, mission, etc. can be found in our [working document].