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This page documents open tasks that CoreMob needs to find resources to accomplish its mission.

Test Runner

Defining the requirements for the Test Runner

One of the core outcome of the CoreMob effort is to expose the results of running a number of test cases that assess whether a given mobile browser correctly implements the features and specifications identified as essential.

Tobie defined several approaches through which these test can be run; the CoreMob Community Group decided during its London 2012 F2F to invest in the option described as "host the test runner on but run the tests from".

To get that runner developed, CoreMob is looking for someone able to dive in more depth of what that solution entails, and what requirements the software that would need to develop (most likely a JavaScript Web-based system) need to fulfill.

Such a person would need to acquire a high-level understanding how a Web application can load data from a JSON API hosted on a different server, an understanding of what running a Web test case means, and an understanding of what publishing the results of that operation would be.

That understanding would then need to be expressed as a set of requirements the implementor of the software would be able to follow in his/her development work.