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On mobile devices, most gaming is casual. 2D and isometric (2.5D) games are the norm. They account for more than 90% of top 10 games in Apple's App Store in all three categories (free, paid, and grossing).

The obvious technological choice for 2D and isometric games is Canvas. Canvas is relatively easy to master by web developers and has similarities with Flash development (where there already exists a large pool of casual game developers).

In contrast WebGL is a much more complex technology to master, and its only real advantage over Canvas for casual gaming development is better performance. Similarly, building games using the DOM yields better performances in some cases, but is also much more complex to develop with.

A fast, hardware-accelerated implementation of Canvas is a key enabler of casual games on the Mobile Web Platform.


  • include implementation guidance in Coremob Level 1.
  • write performance tests.