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Meetings/Telecon 2012-09-19

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This was the Agenda for this call.

Spec Status Report from Tobie Langel, Editor

Tobie reported that he'd been following up with other groups. Principal point for discussion at the F2F on the spec is where to draw the line on what can be included and what can't on account of dependencies on other groups. Two possible views, wait till the specs are ready that we depend on or set a date and chop out what's not ready. Another view as pointed out by the chair is to say that Coremob-2012 is aspirational, and therefore whether or not the specs are ready and whether or not there are tests to accompany any particular cited spec is actually somewhat moot. We know the test suite won't be ready by end 2012 anyway. That much was established at the F2F.

This discussion to be continued at the F2F.

F2F London 2012-10-02 and 2012-10-03

Discussion of the agenda for this meeting - chair wants to make this as far as is possible a work of co-creation. Agenda so far is to discuss Tobie's doc, discuss testing framework and to discuss where the tests can come from.


Jo thanked FT Labs for use of their telecon facilities.


As recorded by RRS Agent

More to follow from our illustrious scribe.