Meetings/Telecon 2012-09-05/Agenda

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This call will take place on Wednesday 5 September 2012 at the time and on the channels listed below.


Chair: Jo

Scribe: Josh

Regrets: None

Please make sure that if you wish to have your regrets recorded you do so before the call and please use the internal list to do so.


Resignation of Chair

Losing one chair (Tobie) is unfortunate, Losing two (Robin) is careless.

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Coremob thanks Robin for his contributions to Coremob, wishes him well in his new undertakings and notes that the remaining chair requests that he completes his outstanding actions :-)

Review of ACTIONs and ISSUEs

I will work through the following to prioritise in advance of the call.

Pending Review Actions

Open Actions

Open Issues



Date: 2012-09-05T13:00:00Z [0600 US Pacific, 0900 US Eastern, 1400 UK/Ireland, 1500 Western Europe, 2200 Korea]

Duration: 60 minutes

Phone: +44 20 7897 0143 (International, non-toll free)

Toll-free: see

Code: 1066262383

IRC: irc://

IRC Web interface: - join channel #coremob