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Change Tracking related Events

DocEng 2015 (8-11 September 2015, Lausanne)

It is possible that there will be a third International DChanges workshop at this conference.

ApacheCon EU 2014 (17-21 November 2014, Budapest)

DocEng 2014 (16 september 2014, USA)

  • Hannes Dohrm and Dirk Riehle: Fine-grained Change Detection in Structured Text Documents

DChanges 2014 workshop (16 September 2014, USA) part of DocEng

  • The workshop Pre-Proceedings provided extended abstracts or initial drafts. Following the workshop, there will be another round of review for final papers to be produced in a proceedings separate from the DocEng 2014 proceedings.


  • Jean-Yves Vion-Dury: Some Perspectives on Change Management: From Basic Primitive Tools to Context-Aware Applicative Components

Accepted regular papers

  • Stephen M. Coakley, Jacob Mischka and Cheng Thao: Version-Aware Word Documents
    An extension of Microsoft Word that allows users to easily access, edit and merge multiple versions of a document in the same file

  • Dennis E. Hamilton: Tracked Changes: Navigating the Document-Format Anti-Pattern
    Discusses some issues that hinder interoperability of documents with change-tracking information, and presents an extension of ODF that overcomes these limitations

  • Meenu Pandey, Ethan V. Munson and Cheng Thao: Progress Report on Version-Aware LibreOffice
    Report on implementation of version-aware documents in LibreOffice, discussing the most relevant challenges faced and the effects of coding version-awareness on the overall application

  • Nigel Whitaker: Understanding Changes in N-Way-Merge: Use-Cases and User Interface Demonstrations
    Presenting a user-friendly interface that helps users in visualizing, understanding and merging (high-level) changes on XML technical documents

Accepted work-in-progress & position papers

  • Dennis E. Hamilton: Progress Report: Protected Change Tracking
    Introducing a novel format for storing signed change-tracking information in ODF documents, thus allowing users to safely edit protected documents

  • Svante Schubert and Patrick Durusau: Untethered, Asynchronous Change Tracking for File Formats
    Discussing general principles, and their application to ODF, for storing change-tracking information and supporting both real-time and asynchronous collaboration

  • Johannes Wilm and Daniel Frebel: Real-World Challenges to Collaborative Text Creation
    Diving into the main issues in implementing web-based collaborative editors, looking at these issues from the implementors' point of view

Invited talk

  • Nigel Whitaker: Change-Tracking and Related Work at W3C
    Presenting some activities of the W3C community group around standardization of change-tracking formats

Balisage 2014 (5-8 august 2014, USA) Standard change tracking for XML Robin La Fontaine, DeltaXML

XML is generally accepted as the default markup language for structured document and data management systems worldwide. But it has no native ability to track changes. Some document formats provide rudimentary support for change tracking, but no full solution is available. A generic change-tracking standard would allow documents to move from one XML editor to another complete with change history and the ability to roll back to previous versions; it would allow editing applications to track changes in any XML document type; software to handle changes in XML could be applied to many different XML document types. This paper outlines one proposed solution to this important problem, representing successive changes or edits to an XML document either in XML markup or in processing instructions. The tracked changes can be an independent addition to a file or can be integrated into the applicable schema.

ACM DocEng 2013

DChanges 2013 Workshop

First International Workshop on Document Changes: Modeling, Detection, Storage and Visualization

2013-09-10, Florence, Italy

Program and Proceedings available at

XML Prague 2013 (8-10 February 2013, Czech Republic)