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Web Payments Conference Schedule

We are now having regular weekly telecons with a number of large companies that are interested in the Web Payments work. We’ve had Mozilla, Joyent, Digital Bazaar, a few anonymous banks, GSMA, a big crypto company, Google, and a number of other independents joining the calls. We’re actively working on a Web Commerce API (based on MozPay API), PaySwarm, HTTP Signatures, Web Keys, and a number of other supporting specs for the Web Payments work. We’re making good progress and getting more aligned on what the goals of the group should be over the next couple of years.

There will be at least 10 different events during the next 6 months at conferences and technical gatherings covering the Web Payments work happening at W3C. These are the events and dates to keep an eye on:

* July 30th, New York City – Inside Bitcoins (Bitcoin conference)
* September 16-19th, Dubai – SIBOS 2013 (the world banking/financial services conference)
* September 24th, New York City – Edge (Web Tech conference put on by Financial Times / Google)
* October, Los Angeles – Open Financial (open financial services forum)
* October, Mountain View – Mozilla / Google (tech talks)
* October, Bali – Internet Governance Forum (United Nations)
* November, Shenzen – W3C TPAC 2013[10] (World Wide Web Consortium Technical Plenary Conference)

Our main goal during these presentations will be to recruit more people into the Web Payments work, focusing on companies that have typically not had a presence at W3C (mostly financial services companies). If you are going to be at the conferences and are interested in the work, make sure to say hello to Manu Sporny, who will be presenting the Web Payments work. If you would like him to present at your event around the dates and locations above, please contact him and he would be happy to try to make the time to present.

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