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PaySwarm Developer Sandbox

The PaySwarm Developer Sandbox is a complete implementation of a PaySwarm Authority. In order to spend money on a PaySwarm-enabled website, one must have an account on a PaySwarm Authority. The PaySwarm Authority is responsible for collecting money and disbursing it to the people that sell digital assets. All PaySwarm authorities are capable of performing micro-accounting, which is the process of tracking very small monetary payment amounts – as small as 1/100,000th of a United States cent. In time, there will be a number of PaySwarm Authorities run by people that you trust with your credit card and/or banking information. Since PaySwarm is an open standard, anyone may implement a PaySwarm Authority or client software.

The PaySwarm Developer Sandbox allows software to be developed against a functioning PaySwarm Authority, letting developers focus on the parts of the system that they care about implementing. You may visit the developer sandbox and use the site to create accounts, manage money and perform test purchases.

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