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BlockchainCG bi-weekly teleconference schedule

Hi. BlockchainCG agreed new teleconference schedule webex concall link : the times by cities are as following San Francisco, USA: Wednesday 08:00 AM. PST New York, USA: Wednesday 11:00 AM. EST London, United Kingdom : Wednesday 04:00 PM. GMT Seoul, … Continue reading

Blockchain CG online weekly meeting

Hello, Be advised that the Blockchain CG weekly meeting is always on Thursday 10PM KST. This is GMT+9 (06:00 AM (PDT), 15:00 (CET), or 09:00 AM (EDT)). Please check the timezone at The meeting is link is as following: … Continue reading

BlockchainCG online meeting at 5/May/2016 at 22:00 KST

We have rescheduled meeting time to 22:00 by the doodle result ( 22:00(KST), 06:00 AM (PDT), 15:00 (CET), 09:00 AM (EDT) see timezone table at the concall link is hope to see participants today.