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Check if text meets 1.4.1 Use of Color.


1: First Draft

Open issues

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This test checks if the information coveyed by the color of words (that are not links), buttons, tables or other page elements is also available in text or as additional visual cues.


Test procedure

UTT: Required user expertise and skills

4: advanced understanding of WCAG

Specify: Are there any additional requirements for the user profile?
The tester must be able to see the web page. This test can not be carried out by a blind person.

Test subject

4: rendered page

single page

Selector (tool, user)

(CSS selector)

Locate all instances where the color of text is used to convey information.

AN: Do we need two tests? Information conveyed by color and objects referenced by color?

Step 1 (tool, user)

to do

Step 2 (tool, user)

to do